Soupe à la Grecque

I guess this simple soup recipe,  so tasty and refreshing, was borrowed from the many Greeks that immigrated all over the world long time ago.  Essentially, it’s a veggie soup with an whisked egg and sour cream or yogurt added when ready. You can cook it with rice or pasta or 1- 2 potatoes.  Enjoy!

Nutrient content
1 portion = a bowl, 400g
150 per portion, if  cooked with rice and yogurt
Low calorie density
Low Glycemic Load

Ingredients for 5-6 portions (1 portion = a bowl)

1 large onion
1 large carrot
1 bell pepper
Optionally 1 celeriac root and/ or 2 celery sticks, 1 small parsnip root, 1 small parsely root
Optionally 2 small potatoes or a handful of pasta or 3 tbsp of rice (well rinced)
4 tbsp vegetable oil
a dash of salt
1500 ml water (6 cups)
1 small natural yogurt (150 g or half a cup) or 1-2 tbsp sour cream
1 egg
Optionally, juice from half a lemon
Favorite herbs (mine are parsley and lovage)


Chop the veggies in small chunks.
Add 1500 ml water, the chopped vegetables, the oil and salt, cover partially and let it cook on medium heat, for 20 minutes.
Add the potatoes (cut in large chunks) or the rice and let the soup simmer for 10 more minutes. 
If you prefer pasta, boil pasta al dente,  separately, and add it just before serving.
Whisk an egg and mix it gently with 1 small natural yogurt.
Make the heat very low and add the egg mixture to the soup, very slowly, stirring all the time,
Add the herbs finely chopped, cut the heat, cover it and let it rest for half an hour.
You might like a bit of lemon juice, add it before serving. 
Serve the soup with some fresh cut herbs sprinkled on top,  a bit of fresh lemon juice, a lemon slice or a tsp of sour cream.
Tip. Try serving this soup with horseradish,  finely grated and soaked in a good white vinegar or with pickled jalapeno peppers.  Yummi!



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