My Journey from Fat to Fit

For years I’ve been trying to get slimmer and more fit. I’ve managed to stop getting fatter and I’ve become kind of an expert in nutrition and diets. But… it seems I’m on a never ending road. Nutrition science and age are not on my side, for sure.
However I’m all eyes and ears for new discoveries and trying to adapt my lifestyle.
If you’ll find any good advice on this blog, my karma will be happy.


A lifetime strategy

Plan to move, enjoy good food, plan to deal with  stress.




Recognizing Roadblocks in Weight Loss

You maybe think that whatever you do, the scale has become your worst enemy. Try answering these questions:

Do you have some kind of control over what you’re eating?
Are you cooking at home?
Have you done anything to stop craving for sugar or salt?
Do you eat desserts from time to time and not daily?
Are you exercising?


Carbs and Ex’s
One role for the insulin is to trigger conversion of glucose into fat. Burn it or store it, it seems there’s no other way to get rid of it.
These have worked for me:

  • “Fast” from time to time, to let the body rest.
  • Don’t overload with carbs, at any meal, in any day.
  • Avoid over-processed foods.
  • Lower the Glycemic Index of some foods by properly cooking them.
  • Stop adding sugar in foods that are not deserts.
  • Learn to “read” your body signals.
  • Exercise more and often


The Nutrition Puzzle

Human Nutrition seems like a billion pieces puzzle and I wonder if ever we humans will be able to put all the pieces in order.  One recent study says that “the carbohydrate-last meal pattern may be an effective behavioral strategy to improve postprandial glycemia”.
In another study, scientists have identified a microscopic universe of tiny microbes in our gut that seems to have a great deal to do with our weight.
New studies will hopefully bring in more pieces.


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The Numbers in my Food

A few indicators, like calories, glycemic index, satiating index, insulin index,  are quite enough in real life to help you build your weekly menu. With your eyes wide open in costs. Maybe it won’t be “the one”, the perfect healthy menu for you but in time, you can adjust it. Just keep an open mind to the latest discoveries.


The Jazz in Our Body. White, Brown and Beige Fat

White Fat, Brown Fat, Beige Fat… This is beginning to sound like jazz. Many of us would like to hear a simple pop song “An apple a day keeps some of the fat away” or maybe some hard rock “Eat what you want 5 days and almost nothing for 2 days and you’ll kill that fat”. But when it comes to the chemistry in our body, things get much more complicated.
You don’t need extreme fitness (although if you do it, bravo for you). Just walking for at least half an hour can help a lot.
The best recipe in a month to put a pound on is to eat a bit more, whatever healthy food you eat,  while exercising too little or at all.


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