Out of Lockdown, Towards a New Kaizen Diet


I’m really, really upset and blame myself for all the pounds that I’ve somehow managed to put on during the COVID lockdown .

At the same time, I’ve checked out some known facts and this might help me get back on the track.
Let me make a quick inventory:
– Stress is a much much more powerful factor than I thought
– If you have weight problems, lack of exercises is definitely a contributor, no more doubt in my mind
– Calories do count!
– It was not a good idea to relax too much and deviate from a lifestyle which proved somehow succcessful, even though it left me on a plateau.

This being said, what the heck will I do next?
How am I going to get back on the track, now that I’m worse than ever, physically and mentally?
And older.

Here comes Kaizen, the continuously improvement in small steps management method.
If I’d try to get back on a healthier lifestyle overnight, I won’t succeed because I’m still under a terrible stress. But what if I’ll just change just a bit of something or add a bit of a good thing from time to time and keep doing it constantly? With the little help of my friends of the social media, of course.

These so many months of total or partial lockdown I’ve had a lot of time to think and study. I’ve even started training myself in nutrition via online courses and all kind of research articles.
A very confusing world, I may say. Do this, don’t do that and in the end you’ll get back where you’ve started, but in a much worse shape. This is what the actual diet and nutrition information looks to me.
Analyzing all this chaos and my previous experience, I’ve found yet some useful gems.

My new approach will be in very small steps, trying a continual improvement of my lifestyle.
And the smallest step I can take right now is the first step in Taichi. And the reason for that is Stress. Bit of stress in any life is benefic, otherwise we would get so bored.
Too much stress can trigger anything from too much eating to panic attacks. These last months I had all and more than I can handle.

So here comes Dr Lam with a soothing voice. You can choose any Tai Chi guru actually, lots of them on Amazon. You can even find free bits of lessons on youtube.
I’ve chosen Dr Lam, it suits me perfectly as it deals not only with stress but also with my pains and aches. Old age can be so ugly sometimes, ain’t it?
By the way, Tai Chi can be excellent in rehabilitation after any illness (including covid).

Let’s exercise, Tai Chi way!

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