The Eyes of Sibiu Are Upon Us

We were travelling to Sibiu on a long and tiring road, over crowded, coming from Arad, Romania. The highway was not in operation, who knows why. We were having a glimpse of it now and then, far, faraway and it was shining in the sun, tempting but inaccessible while we were crawling on that horrible road at 5 km per hour, like a horse carriage.
Sibiu welcomed us with streets full of flowers and trees, a cleanliness of envy and many, many “eyes”, the famous eyes of Sibiu, the windows on the roofs that are looking at you.
We set off for lunch in search of a place to cool off, relax and eat.

There was a traditional pretzel shop right in front of us and I was about to fall into temptation. But two huge “eyes” on the roof above rebuked me.
“Even during the holidays, ye should respect your diet. The delicious Sibiu pretzels are a No No ”. “Yeah, what diet ?!”, I replied. “We are in Transylvania, in Romania and here eating is a serious job. Bean soup with smoked pork in a bread-bowl, see ?! There is also the summer festival and a funny bear has spread its beer barrels in every corner of the old town.”

Bean Soup in a Bread Bowl

The cheerleading club, with which I was travelling, found a pleasant terrace on the edge of the Big Market, with a very European name, Monsieur Joben and with a motto suitable for Sibiu, “L ‘excellence existe” (Excellence exists).
The menu was so good for a summer day and my lighter diet, fish, shells, fresh zucchini spaghetti salad and other goodies!

Zucchini Noodle Salad

In the end, however, I remembered I was on vacation and I gave in to the temptation of a huge, cold beer and some papanasi (read Papa Nush) cooked the traditional way (cottage cheese mixed well with eggs and a bit of flour, boiled not fried, and served with cream or some delicious sweet dip or both). Quite unlike the actual recipe, donuts drowned in cream and jam, offered by most restaurants in Romania and which are not bad at all but too much for my diet.


And, as we were in Sibiu, an old Saxon town, we thought it was a good idea to walk “the thousand steps of Germans after a meal”. We felt so good afterwards that this should become a golden rule for my holidays and not only.
Finally, we went hunting for architectural wonders in this old town, especially the incredible roofs with eyes .

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