12 Soups to Save My Diet

A properly made soup is a great hack for any diet, because…
It has minerals and vitamins. It hydrates.  It has a low calorie density. It has a low Glycemic Index. It’s filling!
It can be a meal in itself. It cools you in Summer, it warms your soul in Winter.
It helps you feel better when you’re ill.
And of course you can have it as a quick lunch, in a Mason jar.

Not any veggie, fish or meat soup will do though.
In my country, we have traditional soups so high in calories that one should run in  a marathon to burn all the calories in a generous portion. Like a bean soup, cooked with  a huge piece of smoked fat pork ham or a link of pork sausages and served with fried onions. So tasty, yes, but…no… but…yeaaah!

There are millions of soup recipes on the net but beware!
It’s so easy to cook an unhealthy soup. So first of all, here are my “don’ts”:
– Don’t use commercial stock, don’t use any stock if not required by the recipe and not made by yourself
– Don’t add anything that has MSG or other chemicals, you don’t need to
– Don’t add sugar
– Don’t add too much of anything and especially, don’t add too much fat or salt
– Don’t overcook it, you’ll lose precious vitamins.

Is it worth cooking your own soup? Yes, it’s usually healthier and, at least, you know what went in it and how many calories it has. And it can be fun.
If you’re new in the kitchen, I can tell you it’s the easiest recipe in the world to cook.
If  the ingredients are fresh and you try at least to follow the recipe, you can’t go wrong Ye’ll swallow it anyway cause it’ll smell and taste so good and it’s made by you.

Valeria Boltneva.jpg
Source Valeria Boltneva via Pexels

The nice part is that once you have learned to cook my 12 diet veggie or meat soups, you can “invent” your own, it’s up to your imagination and taste. You can become very creative in your kitchen. I promise I’ll give you some tips and teach you some tricks.

Here are my best “diet hacks”:
1 Veggie Soup à la Grecque
2 A Simple Chicken Soup
3 Red Beetroot Soup
4 Winter White Soup
5 Beans and Tomatoes Soup
6 Springtime Green Soup
7 Fish Soup à la Danube Delta
8 Summer Bortsch
9 Tomato Soup
10 Wax Beans Soup
11 Meatball Soup
12 Lentil Soup

I will add that these soups go perfectly well with the Mediterranean Diet, considered the healthiest diet nowadays. Romanian Cuisine borrowed and is still borrowing such recipes from neighbours, “visitors” and from the Mediterranean cultures all along our history. The result is a delicious, interesting cuisine.
I’ve changed a bit my traditional soup recipes to make them simple and quick to  cook and be more suitable for my diet.

I will cook these soups the next months, in a random order.
I’ll start with a nice Beans & Tomatoes Soup, Best for Winter, best for meatless days.
Follow me and let’s see how many pounds we can get rid of.

Source Navada Ra via Pexels

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