Looking Back


Sometimes it’s a good idea to look back. Once I had 2 very successful weeks when I got rid of 6 pounds while eating and drinking to my satisfaction.
Fortunately I’ve kept a journal.

Photo Emilia Dragne

I see some interesting points and I want to share them with people like me, with of lots of pounds more than needed and health issues.
Bit boring and quite a long blog article, but there’s no short path to a healthier you, is it?

Here’s my “shopping list”:
– I ate mostly home cooked food, three meals and 1-2 healthy snacks a day. Fresh veggies and fruits, straight from the Peasant Market.
– less calories than I eat nowadays but not every day. In some days I ate more (2000- 2100) but for 3 – 4 days a week I ate between 1300 – 1600 calories.
– I had 2-3 fruit portions, 2-4 starch portions  (mainly rolled oats, homemade bread and new potatoes), 2-3 diary portions per day. A protein and veggies at each main meal. Beans and nuts 5 times a week. Beer counted as starch.
– as for calories distribution, I had something like 41% carbs, 38% fats and 21% protein.
– a lot more low and medium glycemic index fruits than nowadays. I ate more than 10 pounds of raspberries, strawberries and apricots in 2 weeks.
– lots of dairies, mainly simple natural yogurt (20 portions in 2 weeks), low fat. And a couple of milk cups a week.
– no sugar, no sweets, no treats except a couple of 3 dark chocolate tablets in 2 weeks. How on earth did I survived?
– around a pound of peanuts and walnuts.
– some  20 pounds of veggies, mainly tomatoes, cabbage, carrots, onions, summer squash, broccoli, spinach, bell peppers, celeriac.
– 3 pounds of cooked white beans, chickpeas and spring peas.
– just 2 pounds of cereals in 2 weeks, mainly wholewheat bread, new potatoes and rolled oats.
– for protein: 4 pounds of poultry and Canadian ham, 10 eggs , 2 pounds of fish fresh and canned, a pound of cheese. Not much saturated fat.
– 1-2 tbsp of olive oil a day
– a glass of beer or wine daily. The good life.

Here’s one of the low calorie day menus, just to give an idea on my diet.
Breakfast 7:30
Coffee, rolled oats 1 tbsp, 2 eggs, Canadian Ham  1 slice
Morning Snack 10:30
Yogurt and strawberries
Lunch 13:30
Beans and tomato souppoultry 1 portion, salad, 1 glass of beer
Afternoon snack 17:00
2 large apricots
Dinner 19:00
Canadian Ham, 1 raw tomato, yogurt, mineral water

IMG_1047 (2)
Photo Emilia Dragne

How about exercising? Not much. Half an hour of walking a day, house chores and swimming 2 hours.

Quite amazing.
I think the key was …. simply eating less. But …with a but, of course.
Eating mostly low Glycemic Index foods was a good idea, it helped fight hunger.
Eating lots of  fruit (less sweet) and veggies also helped, no doubt.
And it seems that diary is a good friend in any diet.
I’m not sure about eating less starches but one thing is sure. Too much bread is not good for me, especially when it’s not home made.
But as I remember, I had not much energy while on this diet and this is a serious problem to deal with. Only I do need a diet, obesity is a serious illness and there’s no simple cure for now. Only drastic changes in your lifestyle seem to help.

I’ll experiment a bit this July and see what happens.
I’m going to repeat my 2 weeks diet with some changes.
– I do a lot more exercising nowadays so I do need more carbs. I think I can have some treats like a bit more dark chocolate, some high fiber cookies or a special honey with medium GI (acacia).
– Whole fat dairy but also some non-fat yogurt (’cause I like it!).
– More cheese, less meat. Just because…I prefer cheese to meats.
– One day a week with only beans, cereals, veggies and fruits.
– Less Canadian ham, more seafood
– Bulgur, pasta, new potatoes (or sweet potatoes) or rice instead of bread in some days.
– 2 tbsp of olive or rapeseed oil a day.
– I’ll try a new distribution of calorie, something like 50% carbs, 30% fats and 20% protein.

A bit healthier, more Mediterranean like diet, with some tips and tricks.
Keep an eye on calories, don’t need more than you need, and have 1600 calories a day three times a week.
One essential diet trick is to start any meal with a protein. This, according to my own tests, is meant to keep your blood sugar low.
Also, eat only if you’re hungry and eat slowly.
Eat low Glycemic Index snacks, if needed, to keep hunger at bay.
Keep a journal, easier on myfitnesspal.com
Keep moving.

I can do this for at least a month but I need it for life!

Photo Emilia Dragne

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