Back to Basics: Hungry

Let me ask you a question:  Can you resist a favorite plate when you’re hungry like a wolf?
Well, I honestly don’t and my problem is that I do like to eat, I have lots of favorite foods.
But is hunger such a bad sensation?
Some obese people complain of being hungry all the time. Maybe, but not me.
And, I do like to eat when I’m hungry, not when I’m told to eat because it’s meal time.
Food is tastier, you feel more satisfied.

When I started my diet trails, I was having a hunger problem. I went to a nutritionist, actually the bully kind and, that not so nice lady gave me a strict menu and other strict rules to follow.
After eating my not so nice healthy meals, I was still hungry. I was hungry day and night. I simply couldn’t follow her diet.

Than I made some interesting discoveries, while trying to build my own diet and following for a very short time a low carb diet. I’ve found out that there are delicious friendly healthy foods which  cut your appetite.
My favorite ones:  hummus or bean mash, raspberries, cottage cheese with a tomato or scallion or celery, a tomato with a bit of cheese, an apple or pear with a whole grain cookie, a tomato juice with a small slice of whole wheat or rye bread, a yogurt with some blueberries or strawberries, fried zucchini or eggplant salad, summer squash or cauliflower puree, eggs with avocado. Or just a tbsp of olive oil and a couple of olives with a bit of rye bread.  Quite a long list and delicious too, yumi.


There are a few other tricks I’d like to share with you but keep in mind this:
Except maybe for short periods of time, you have to eat enough to cover your body energy and nutrient needs. Diets too restrictive can make you sick.
If you eat less than your daily necessary calories or nutrients, don’t be amazed that you’re hungry all the time or have some strange cravings.

So, here’s what I’m doing to keep things under control:
– I’m paying special attention whenever I’m stressed or go to a party. It’s so easy to  indulge in goodies whenever you feel depressed, or, on the contrary, you’re “happy”. Crunch a fruit or a handful of popcorn if you’re stressed. Taste everything you want at a party, don’t eat more than you usually do at that time of day.

Yeap, I know, easy to say … It takes time but it’s possible. Just don’t give up because at some point of time you’ve stepped out of the trail.

– I try to eat 3 main meals and if necessary one snack but if I’m not hungry, I might skip a meal or two.
If I’m hungry between meals,  I’ll have a healthy snack like a bit of a low/ medium  glycemic index (GI) fruit with a small portion of cheese, a hummus sandwich, a tomato with some cold meat a.s.o.
On short,  a small portion of  protein and a veggie or a low/ medium GI fruit will do the trick.
– I do  plan my menus and try to stick to my plan. If however, after I finish my meals, I’m still hungry,  I’ll wait for 10 minutes before eating something else.
You have to let your brain enough time to receive all signals from your body and decide weather you need more food.
If I’m still hungry, I’ll try the protein & veggie or low/ medium GI fruit trick or a bit of dark chocolate or a handful of nuts.
Be advised that dark chocolate isn’t for everyone. If you have a tendency to eat chocolate or other sweet things uncontrolled, better stick to nuts, cheese, veggies and low GI fruits.
– If you’ve followed my blog, you might remember my experiments on blood sugar. If you start your meal with a consistent portion of high GI carbs, your blood sugar might spike and soon enough you’ll be hungry again. 

Screenshot - 14_02_2018 , 12_21_49
Here’s how your blood sugar might spike or not, depending on the order you eat your foods.

Always start your meals with a protein or a salad or a veggie and/ or beans or meat soup.
Don’t eat a high GI snack (like a pretzel or a  cake) on empty stomach, you’ll get hungry again in no time.
And maybe here  is one reason why some obese people are feeling hungry all the time. A diet rich in high GI foods can make you feel constantly hungry and can lead to diabetes or whatever other nasty illness.

Finally, I’m so curious: what do you do to keep hunger at bay?

ps. You might like this item  on hunger hormones:
“Hunger Hormones” Are a Thing, and Yes, You Can Control Them





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