Diet Yes, Uncompromising No


via Daily Prompt: Uncompromising

A lot of common sense is necessary when reading nutrition and diet information and one should double check all with reliable sources. Especially if you’re not a nutritionist or doctor ( I’m not),  one might have it all wrong.
And, who said this, Mark Twain maybe:
“Be careful about reading health books. You may die of a misprint”.
You have to keep an open mind but sometimes it’s hard to  have a dialogue with uncompromising people, be they doctors, nutritionists or their followers.

Some have made kind of a religion out of their diet and when it comes to religion, one must be very careful, you won’t like being labeled the bad witch and “be executed”.

I guess on fashion are now  the Vegans and Ketogenic Dieters. Some are even “aggressive” on the net. Just go to one of their forum, try to tell them in a sensible way that you don’t agree with this or that and see what happens.

I haven’t realized that Ketogenic Diet has become such a religion and humbly commented on a page that I think it’s quite dangerous for my old age.
I kind of know this from my own experience, I’ve tried a week without carbs and my heart told me to stop.
I’m right now “fighting” with a commercial Ketogenic Diet page, which is  bombarding me with stupid messages trying to prove me I’m wrong. It’s worse than a virus. Some of the persons sending me these messages seem to be “fake”. I’ve given up, unfollowed,  deleted my message on their page and hope this will be enough.

Meanwhile, though I used to think that any diet had something good, even the cabbage soup one, I’ve recently became quite uncompromising myself  with such extreme diets.

I won’t comment on Ketogenic Diet other than I guess that, like all low-carb diets in the past, it cannot last for life, at least not for most people. After going back to normal, in less than 2 years you will put back all you’ve lost and more. The best you can hope for is to keep your kidneys and heart healthy.

With Veganism, it’s a bit more complicated.  It’s… how shall I put it,  so politically correct, such nice and noble ideas at first glance…
They want to change the world for better but can the whole world afford to be so noble?
We are omnivore and there are nutrients that we cannot find in plants or we find them easier and more affordable in  animal products. Not to mention the Arctic People or poor mountain people, what are they supposed to eat?
Strangely enough, being omnivore might help Nature in fact, just think about it.

Sometimes it’s pure economics, you simply cannot afford to be a Vegan and stay  healthy. But most Vegans will not accept this idea nor will they make concessions.

I myself prefer the traditional moderate approach in my country.
Be Vegan on Fridays, eat fish instead of meat at least one day a week, fast from time to time, like in Spring before Eastern or in Winter, before Christmas.
Eat “lighter” on Summer, mostly veggies, fruits, cheese, eggs, dairy and poultry.
Not too strict though, uncompromising  it’s not for me.

The Romanian veggie recipes are so delicious and today is my “Vegan” day.
I  will eat zakuskahummus and home made jam at breakfast, beans soup at lunch, a fruit salad, an umami pilaf for dinner. One of the Winter salads will be on my table, for sure.
But on weekend, it’s barbecue!



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