A Lifestyle Strategy

I’m not a fan of big words and strategy is one of them. But when it comes to your lifestyle, you really need one, “a plan of action designed to achieve a long-term or overall aim”.
If your aim is to be healthy, wealthy and wise, you need to think your actions on a long long term, for life.
I have no clue about the “wealthy” and “wise” words, you’ll have to figure for yourself your plan.
But when it comes to “healthy”, whatever you do, there are three  tips I’d like to share with you:



Plan to move, exercise, walk, do any physical activity, DAILY!. Even cleaning you house is better than being a potato couch.



Photo by Dana Tentis from Pexels


Enjoy good food.  As much as possible, plan to cook your own food, choosing healthy ingredients and recipes. Avoid over processed foods, prefer organic food. Choose a variety of many a color foods.



Source: pixabay.com



Plan to deal with  stress. Keep in mind that no stress at all means a boring life. But, do respect your sleeping hours, your holidays, take some time to relax  and avoid as much as possible money troubles.



The rest is history, your life history.






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