I can do science too


I stumbled upon an amazing book,  The Personalized Diet by Eric Segal and Eran Elinav.

I cite from the Amazon review  “individuals react differently to the same foods. A food that might be healthy for one person is unhealthy for another. In one stroke, they made all universal diet programs obsolete.”
Well, I have a slightly different opinion. Universal diets are a good starting point, with clear rules, menus, recipes, fitness programmes a.s.o. but should be personalized in time. This book gives one interesting, easy and useful tool to choose the foods that are good for you.
Of course, like with any diet, do not rush to climb in the wagon before consulting a health professional and checking your health status. 

My starting point was The South Beach Diet. It helped me to get rid of lots and lots of pounds but at one point I reached the dreadful plateau and after a tragedy in my life, started to put on again.
This year I’m trying a new approach, a more personalized diet for my life.
I have to understand what are the bad foods for me, those I’ll have to eat less even though they are not “forbidden”.  Also, I hope I’ll discover that I can eat safely some starchy foods like pasta or potatoes, provided I have the right recipe.

I’ve known for years that a lot of bread is fattening me but didn’t know what is the safe quantity. In my mind, 2 slices of 30 grams of homemade whole wheat bread were ok. Well,  after this first test, I’m beginning to wonder.
Here is the result of my first tests, a graph which clearly shows a very ugly spike in blood sugar after a fruit salad, Swiss cheese and 2 slices of my beloved bread.
Also, on this graph, my potato salad recipe seems to be on the goodies side. The secret is to boil the potatoes with the peel on, on very low heat, unpeel them under cold water, slice, add vinegar and keep them overnight in the fridge. Serve with marinated fish, olive oil, onion and a hard boiled egg. Yumi and good for me.
There’s a whole theory on how chemicals can change the potato starches this way, to make it a nice healthy vegetable.
my spike

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