We Have Winter, Yupiii!

Maybe this sounds crazy, but we are accustomed to very cold winters, with a lot of snow, not with a Spring weather in the middle of January like this year.
I wouldn’ t want a harsh, nasty, long winter,  just a bit of snow for the children to play with and  for me, to enjoy some traditional winter meals.

Diet or no diet, I’ve learned from my ancestors that food should be adapted to the weather outside.
In winter, a bit more fat helps you to fight the cold. And with the lack of fresh vegetables, pickles are in season to help you digest that fat. I wouldn’ t mind an apple pie either, as a treat, provided it hasn’t much sugar added.
The wonderful traditions of my country in winter!
The real winter, I mean, not this year’s “hot” winter.

In the last 4 or 5 years, one problem with the global warming is that in my area we have literally hot Holidays.
But, keeping with the traditions, we continue to eat a lot of fatty foods, cakes,  and drink a lot more than it’s healthy for such a weather. The result: a lot more pounds added to our bodies.

This is year, I’ve decided enough is enough, and until I won’t see some snow, no sausages, no bacon, no pork for me.
Well, it worked in a way, with a splendid fish with green beans on New Year’s Eve and some interesting recipes like poultry and quinces. Also polenta with yoghurt and cheese, chicken soup and lean turkey roast.
I’m a bit hypocrite, you know? It has “helped” me to keep my promise that I’ve had some kind of stomach upset, I will never know the cause.
But fact is, after this new Holidays menu, I’ve never felt better at the beginning of a new year. And, with two pounds less, yeah!

But here comes the snow and one little sausage with beans and sauerkraut with olive oil and black pepper, an apple pie and a glass of red wine will make my life nicer.

By the way, that little sausage is fresh, with fresh meats, made by me.
Although I wouldn’t mind once in awhile this “banana sausage”  but only when the weather outside is frightful.


Source: pixabay.com



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