I Need a Brilliant Discovery


I don’t know about you, but I’m so bored with the existing status of the nutrition science, I feel like going in a desert and howling to the moon.
For sure, eat less, move a lot more and, in no time, you’ll see progress? Oh, yeah?
Nope, progress is so slow you have to have all the patience in the world and trust in your God.
And it’s like climbing Fagaras Mountains in Romania. Climb a high hill then get down, climb another hill, get down. You never seem to reach your target.
You can’t even get back because it’s the same up-and-down.
More than in any science, we need a brilliant discovery in nutrition. Maybe it’s almost here but for now, all I get in the news is the annual report telling me about the best and worst diets,  tons of advice, more or less useless, and a lot of small itsy-bitsy discoveries.
But who knows, a lot has to be discovered and small piece by small piece, the image is filled in.
Meanwhile, I do my own science. I’m trying to validate what is working for me and maybe make my own itsy-bitsy discoveries.
Here they are, a few simple ideas that have worked for me:
– Eat mostly local fresh products, avoid over-processes foods, avoid chemicals in food.
– Don’t add sugar to your recipes unless it’s a desert. Add spices and herbs to your soups and stews, not salt.
– Prefer good fats (olive oil, canola, fatty fish, peanuts, avocado a.s.o) but don’t eat too much of these either
– Fasting from time to time is good. Like,  don’t eat animal products once a week. I do it on Fridays. I have 1-2 days more a week in which I eat fish and no meat.
– Don’t sit down at least 3 hours a day and keep moving for at least half an hour in fresh air.
– Have a large salad or a veggie soup daily.
– It’s good for your brain to eat from time to time chocolate or a desert.
– Control your glycemic load. Avoid eating, day by day,  foods with a high glycemic index.
– Control how much you eat and drink. A journal is the easiest way to do it.
– What you eat and drink every day counts mostly but avoid like you avoid a flu, binging on any day.





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