Happy to diet


One problem with keeping a diet is that, from the very start, you expect it to be so unpleasant that you’ll become forlorn, you’ll feel like loosing all the good things of life.
And, yes, most of the diets are quite unpleasant, hard to follow,  stressful, and,  they’re not yours, they’re allien.
What should you do to build yourself a diet that you’ll enjoy so much you wouldn’ t look back?
First of all, don’t rush, don’t make sudden changes. It takes several weeks for a new habit to become part of your life. Keep this in mind.
Then, choose the things that you like mostly to eat and are not junk. There must be quite a lot and they should be a major part of your diet, regardless of what others say.  Then start trying new things.
To build a good diet, one should add, not subtract. Don’t cut food groups just because someone said they’ll make you fat.  You want to build on top, not demolish your existing life. Add more fruit, more vegetables, more legumes.
Add new recipes that will make your life more interesting. Take a look at the Mediterranean cuisine or Chinese cuisine.  Enrich your life with new spices and ingredients.

Of course you’ll have to do some decluttering.
Take a look at some junk food or over processed foods. Ask yourself, do you really have to eat or drink those? Can’t  you live without them?
Review your favorite recipes. Try to limit sugar and salt. Replace some of the salt with spices or lemon juice.
Replace sugar with spices like cinnamon or natural sugars like those found in a bit of banana or orange juice.
Don’t add sugar to salads, sauces or soups, they’re not desert. You’ll be amazed that the taste will improve. Reserve your sweet cravings for the desert.
And, yes, don’t give up desert but  remember this. Once in a while is ok. It’s what you do daily that could fatten you and make you forlorn.

via Daily Prompt: Forlorn

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