A simple strategy

Ok, you’re huge, a human whale. Only you don’t live free in an ocean but in a society whose beauty ideal is slim, slim, slim. And this is the least of your worries.
You don’t need me to tell them all, by  now you already know too well.

One of the problems is the confusion and almost madness surrounding this nutrition science. What’s to be done until doctors, nutritions and the like make some real progress? Nothing much but, not to do anything is not an option.

Here’s my plan, part of it already implemented succesfuly.  Make your own plan but maybe you’ll find some useful ideas here.

Keep a journal. Writing down what you eat and how much you exercise  and sleep, is the best control you can have on your life. For one, maybe you’ll know what is going on, what went wrong, what goes well with your lifestyle. It’s not difficult and time consuming if you use a tool like that provided by  MyFitnessPal. Ok, in the beginning you’ll do some work, until you input or select your most frequent foods but then it’s just click click click.

Start adopting some rules, make some order in your life.
There is a simple rule you should stick to, like your life depended on it. And it really does: “Eat real good food and be moderate”. Avoid junk food, over processed food, food your grandma would not have eaten. And don’t swallow too much, control your portions and calories. This is, in a way, similar to Mike Pollan’s rules.
Don’t adopt other rules just because they’ re recommended. Like, “eat your breakfast, baby”. If you’re not hungry, don’t. If you like just only a cup of coffee with  a biscuit in the early morning, go for it. Listen to your body sometimes!

Hunger is a problem to be dealt with utmost care.  Some try to keep fixed hours for meals, others take a protein & fruit or veggie snack (and only one) between meals. A good advice is to eat your portions and then wait for a quarter of an hour before anything more like some satiating food.
You might want. to read this The satiating power of foods:
Highest satiating power was found with high levels of protein, dietary fibre and water and low satiating power was related to higher fat foods. Fruit and vegetables-especially boiled potatoes-proved to have high satiating values, whereas bakery products like cakes, croissants and biscuits were the least satiating foods. Protein-rich foods (fish, meat, baked beans, lentils and eggs) and carbohydrate-rich foods (pasta, rice, wholegrain breads and cereals) were among the most satiating foods.
But don’t take this for granted either, try on yourself, see what works for you. For example, I’ve discovered that 2 tbsp of humus (my recipe, with less olive oil) do wonders.

If you don’t do it already, start moving a lot more. If you’re not moving at all, start small, with a daily walk in fresh air. Start with 10 minutes and aim for at least half an hour a day. Do weight lifting to build some muscle. Try to find a sport you might like, swimming is a very good idea.

Find support.  Not necessarily, family and friends or a nutritionist.
Better try to find on the net a group with the same problems, who understands you and support you. You might start with  MyFitnessPal community but there are other groups.
Avoid toxic people or sites, those that undermine, one way or another, your efforts.

Let’s sum it all up. You have:
– a journal
– a “simple” rule to follow “Eat real good food and be moderate”
– a strategy to fight hunger without eating too much
– an exercise plan
– support

What’s next? Whatever you do next, keep in mind not to give up. This is a long, long way to go, don’t expect wonders. Did you fell out ? Get up, dust your feathers and get back on the track, whatever that track is.

But first, have a cup of coffee or tea and relax. You’ll do it, have faith in yourself!

Photo Jill Wellington  •  Michigan/United States via pixabay.com

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