Daily Prompt: Allergic


I confess, I’m kind of allergic to diets. I mean I’m not sneezing or skin itching or whatever else, it’s my mind that is allergic.
And why shouldn’ t it be. Is any diet logic or scientific backed?
Ok, maybe some of them, if you accept the idea that the results of a study involving, let’s say 100.000, people from the rich USA are also suitable for all  people in all countries and are suitable for you, with your particular and different genes, lifestyle, preferences a.s.o.
And talking about scientific research, how should I trust any study nowadays when after decades of “don’t eat eggs”, we learn that eggs are so good they shouldn’ t miss from our menus?

My brain starts itching as soon as I read I mustn’ t eat whole milk products though  scientific research nowadays says it’s ok to eat your whole milk yogurt or cheese, provided you’re moderate.
Or that I should avoid the so called “nightshades” though other studies suggest there’s no healthier veggie than the humble tomato.

My brain starts sneezing a lot when I’m giving lists of foods to avoid, wonder foods that will cure any illness on earth and especially metabolic deseases and lists of “backed up by science tips to get slim”.

Yes, I’m allergic but there’s a cure to this: stop reading the diet nonsense.

Photo by K Zoltan from Pexels https://www.pexels.com/photo/cherry-tomatoes-delicious-food-fresh-605623/


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