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One parameter missing from most obesity studies seems to be the stress level. You see age, sex, some health parameters, how many of this or that one eats but nothing to describe the stress level, not even  a  personal evaluation. Oh, wait, maybe how many hours of sleep you’ve had.  Not so relevant, in my opinion.
Yet, one of the major causes of obesity is stress and not necessarily because when you’re stressed , you tend to binge. Stress does something to your body, I’ve learned.
A diet adds to stress a lot. So much that maybe it’s better not to diet at all.

When your body has a problem with fat, first of all stress has to be dealt with.
How one should do it? Besides taking a walk in the park or listen to some music, of course.
There’s a magic word “treat”.

Treat your body gently. Don’ t rush to adopt some extreme diet. Don’t become a hero of all sports overnight. Don’t look at yourself as to a fat monster.
Be moderate in what you eat, in how you exercise and in your lifestyle, but don’t go to extreme with moderation either.

Don’t let other treat you “differently” because you have this fat problem. Avoid negative people, those who stress you. Avoid nutritionists who are kind of “bully”and don’t seem to understand your problems.

Treat yourself from time to time, with moderation, to something good, nice, that will make you pleasure.
What about a sweet treat?  That will add a pound or two, right? Nope, wrong.
Not if it’s not something you eat daily. You eat it occasionally, it’s a treat.
Relax, enjoy it! Have some pleasure in your life.
Once in a while, several times a year, I eat creme brulee, it’s my favorite treat.
I didn’ t notice any change in my weight, the scale is happy with that.
It’s what I’m doing daily that adds to my problems, including stress, not a treat now and then.

Try to create healthy treats for you and your family like a nice tempting tray with all kinds of fruit with a bit of cheese on the side or dark chocolate.


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