Reservations over diets

When it comes to diets, I’m having reservations.
Each diet promises you a Holly land. Do this and that and you will be blessed.
Actually it is hell on earth, anyone who has been through a diet knows this too well.
And it seems nowadays a lot of people have reservations when it comes to the super diets of the previous years, not only me. Simply, the current popular diets don’t work on a long term. I’m not so sure of personalized diets either.

The trend seems to be towards following a simpler healthier lifestyle, without thinking anymore “diet”.
A return to traditions, to healthier proper cooked food while moving a lot more and trying to reduce stress as much as possible.

I see this possible in Europe, though fast food has made it more difficult, especially when children are involved.
But honestly I’m reserved there are any success chances in  USA.
First, there’s sugar. Anything has to have sugar, otherwise it has not a proper taste. Even the salad. Why should I add sugar to a salad? It’s not desert. It’s meant to be a bit sour. Just add less lemon or vinegar, don’t “improve” the sour taste by adding sugar!
Adding sugar to any sauce? Why? I don’t know, but when every recipe has some sugar and every item you buy has sugar, then sugar is a problem, not something to enjoy greatly from time to time.
Then, there’s “dip”. Whatever recipe I’ve tried to present to my American friends turned into “dip”, something in which you dip a lot of junk food or some fresh veggies  to make them more edible.
Most dips are in Europe just a side dish or a meal in itself. Major advantage:  you can have a control over portion size.
Then there’s stock. Ok, it’s nice to have some freshly made stock  in your fridge and use it in a recipe. But… to pretend you cook a Mediterranean recipe and add stock bought from the supermarket it’s a bit weird. I’ve been shocked by some veggie soup recipes. You boil some fresh veggies and then add beef stock (!?) or stock not so fresh made with the same veggies! Why, I don’t know.
If you put in a pot fresh meats and/ or fresh veggies, there’s no need for stock.
On one condition, though. Better buy your ingredients fresh from a farm or buy organic.
If the veggies or meats taste like cardboard then, yes, you’ll need stock, condiments, sugar, salt and I don’t know what else to make your meal edible. Just don’t say it’s healthy.

Anyway, trust an American to change a nice healthy Mediterranean recipe in the most unhealthy meal possible, adding sugar, starch, salt, fats, stock whatever.
Whenever I stumble on a “healthy” recipe and see the author is American, I instantly become reserved.


Photo from Delphine Hourlay, via


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