Ready, steady, go!

I presume you’re like me. I enjoy eating, I hate physical exercise and especially jogging, and have quite a lot of personal problems, who has not?
I’m writing this with the obvious objective to help myself but if it will help you too, my Karma will be happy.

So,  it’s a decision point in your life. You have to do something about your weight because….bla, bla bla, writing down your reasons won’t help you too much. Of course, you have serious reasons and you’re not likely to forget them. Your bad health won’t let you forget.

Better make a list in your mind of what physical activities you can easily do, immediately. Activities that you’ll enjoy greatly and you can afford. Don’t think big, walking half an hour a day will do for a start.
See my modest list, just as an example. But it’s not your list, you should have your own.
– Walking, half an hour a day, in fresh air.
– Swimming, once a week
– Tai-Chi, daily

Once you have your list, start immediately, don’t think twice, don’t delay.
Don’t give up. If you fell out of the wagon, get up, dust your feathers and go on!

At this point you should know that it takes a human from three weeks to a year to change or form new habits. So, be kind to yourself.  “Making a habit is not easy – our brains are hardwired to take shortcuts and to do what comes naturally to us – so while you are telling yourself you want to create new habits, your brain is busy working out how it can revert to your old ways.” (Deborah Arthurs for Read more here

Start keeping a journal. MyFitnessPal is excellent to this purpose, it’ll allow you to record rapidly, on your phone or tablet or computer,  what you eat and all your activities.
And it’ll give you some hints on calories and nutritional value of what you eat.
It  can connect automatically to some devices like a wi-fi smart scale or a tracker like Fitbit.
Keeping a journal is not so time consuming and it might have an interesting psychological effect. It’s like having kind of a personal Coach. Besides, it makes you aware of what and how much you’re eating. Just keeping this journal might help you eat less, exercise more.
It’s  been helping me, why not you too?

What else can you do, in the very beginning, before adopting your own or some known diet?
Make a list of  favorite foods and meals. Assign each food a category, like
– Healthy foods I like very much, I’d eat them almost daily
– Healthy foods I’d like to eat them from time to time
– Foods I like but I think they’re not so healthy for me

Be honest with yourself. Don’t add healthy foods you hate, just because you know they’re healthy (like broccoli). Don’t “decide” that a food is healthy just because you like it very much. Don’t either exclude a favorite food just because someone said it’s not healthy. Do your lessons well or you might be in danger o starving because of too much science. In fact this is your list, nobody has to see it.

If you can’t decide what’s healthy and what’s not, start reading. But a rule of thumb is this: the more processed is that food, the less healthy it is.  Read labels. If you have more than 3 chemicals added or a lot of sugar or salt, maybe it’s not so healthy.
Pay attention to some ingredients like trans fats or hydrogenated oils. Better exclude these altogether. I also exclude palm oil but it’s up to you if you’ll reject it.
Add to the “Foods I think are not so healthy for me” list, foods you’re not supposed to eat because of a certain condition. Like, if you have diabetes,  you should eat only foods permitted by your doctor.

I’ll give you my list but don’t forget that the list should contain your favorite foods, not mine. Besides these are foods common in my area, most of them can be found on the peasant market.

If you’re amazed of why I’ve included some foods on the healthy list, don’t forget, quantity counts. I won’t eat much of a very salty food but if it has vitamins and minerals and I like it, I’ll eat it. Also, cooking methods counts so a potato salad considered by some unhealthy, is very, very healthy in fact if you have the good recipe.

Healthy foods I like very much, I’d eat them almost daily
Tomatoes. Raw or stewed with a bit of olive oil. Tomato sauce like sofrito
Red peppers raw or barbecued
Cucumbers, raw or pickled
Whole grain bread, fresh or toast.
Eggs, boiled, poached, omelette, scrambled.
Cheese, any cheese
Beans, any beans (white beans, hummus, chickpeas, lentil, peas)
Fruit, any fruit
Veggie soup with rice,  potatoes or pasta and tomatoes or yogurt
Steeled Oats with whole milk or kefir or yogurt
Zakouska (a preserve made with eggplant, red peppers, onion, garlic, tomatoes, spices, oil)
Lettuce, but only organic
Tuna fish or tinned sardines or pickled herring

Healthy foods I’d like to eat from time to time

Chicken in tomato sauce
Potato salad
Rice pilaf
Duck breast with quinces
Stuffed cabbage, stuffed bell peppers, stuffed tomatoes, stuffed vine leaves with yogurt
Chicken or pork liver, fried in olive oil with onion or barbecued
Baked fish with veggies and tomatoes
Chicken soup with home made noodles
Zucchini, summer squash
Sea food
Baked potatoes
French spinach
Organic mushrooms
Pastry, homemade
Beet root
Green beans
Soja sauce
Onions, leek, garlic

Foods I like but I think they’re not so healthy for me
Creme brulee
Pork sausages
Potato chips
Smoked fish
Pastry, not home made
Liver pate

You know what’s next. Eat foods from categories one or two, as you like it. Eat less of the foods in the last category, as less as possible, without ruining your social  life.
At this point, don’t expect too much. If you’re lucky,  these simple steps will already help you. But don’t get upset if the scale won’t smile to you.
There are still steps to take.

One more tip: Don’t tell anyone near you about your new lifestyle.
Shhht, it’s a secret. Don’t tell anyone until you see some results!


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